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      Sue's been designing for the painting, craft & gift industries for over 20 years.  She is a self-taught artist and is widely known for her fun & whimsical designs.  She has designed artwork for 100's of projects that are featured in magazines, books, patterns, rubber stamps, buttons, giftware, seasonal items, prints, stationary, wall art, licensing products & more! She hopes to bring a smile to her customers, through her artwork.  
     She is the owner of the art & gift company, A Joyful Soul, where her mission is to spread JOY and happy, inspirational messages all over the world - through art!  And NOW, through her new endeavor - Art At The Beach - where she hopes to teach the fun and stress-free benefits of creating art - through classes, make-it & take-its, and demonstrations - while enjoying the inspirational and relaxing sights & sounds of the beach!
     For the latest news and to see Sue's new artwork.... you can find her on her Art Blog  or on her Facebook Page

      In a nut shell, Stephanie just loves to create!  Whether it is from paper, fabric, felt, paint, ink, batter or dough, there is always something being created or up her sleeve!  She enjoys teaching art projects, scrapbooking, mixed media and doodling classes on her website and at numerous craft & scrapbooking shops around the country!  
     You can read more about her creative journey and to find out where she is teaching next, on her blog, Homegrown Hospitality .  To get a closer look at some of Stephanie's new work, please visit her website at Stephanie Ackerman Designs.

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