Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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For the Mixed Media Vision Board Class, that is??  If you're in the San Diego area - or will be - on January 18th - come join us for fun morning of inspirational painting and envisioning our goals for 2014!!
Mixed Media Vision Board Class, Painting, Inspiring, Sue Allemand, Stephanie Ackerman
Sue's Vision Board - up close
What do you want to work on this year??  What are your goals & dreams for 2014?  Do you want to focus more?  Take time for yourself?  Get a new job that makes you happy and inspires you?  Exercise more & get strong??  Learn to paint, draw, or just be more creative in general?  Whatever it is that you want to manifest and work toward... this class will help you envision it and focus!
We'll create a gorgeous Mixed Media background with fun texture techniques and collage -- have a little chat and bonding time with your fellow classmates about their goals and wishes -- and then we'll start adding our "visions" through words & pictures that will help you remember your goals every time you see your painting!
Mixed Media Vision Board Class, Sue Allemand & Stephanie Ackerman, San Diego, CA
Stephanie's Vision Board - up close
No two Life visions are the same.... so no two vision boards will be the same (just like mine & Stephanie's above)!  We'll teach you the techniques, help with direction and give you prompts - the rest will be up to you!   I can't wait to see all the beauty and hope that's created!  Oh and did I mention the class includes ALL the supplies & BREAKFAST??  All you need to bring is yourself, a jacket in case it's chilly (because we WILL be at the beach) - and a lawn chair if you wish!
So come join us!  Here are the details!  We can't wait to meet you all!!
Just click on the CLASSES button above - to register!
This would make a GREAT Christmas or Hanukkah gift for yourself ~ or someone you love!  Tell your hubby you'd like a CLASS in your stocking!  :)
If you have any questions, please feel free to email:

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